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Finding a waterfront villa with direct, private beach access in a lucrative location, is a true rarity on the island of St. Lucia. The geomorphic history of the island has created perimeters of beautiful volcanic cliff, allowing for distant sea views.


Lumière is lucky enough to have both a protective 15 ft volcanic waterfront face (where our infinity pool has been designed to perch dramatically above) and a naturally sandy beach just steps from your door! Lumière’s beach is the central point of a protected cove. It is your designated entrance for snorkelling through coral reefs, or navigating by kayak or Hobie Cat across to ‘The Rock’ or Vigie Beach. Of course, relaxing in one of your beach front cabanas while eying marine activity is always a suitable option, too.

Bathe in the beach sun, swim to the jetty, grab a quick drink or piece of fruit from the bar, wade through the pool, land back on the beach and consider your fun circuit training at Lumière crossed off the list!

Private Villas


Lumière has been designed with privacy in mind. Each villa is its own stand alone structure, housing 2300 sqr ft of impressive indoor / outdoor living space. Noticeably absent are any shared walls or condominium style buildings. The premises retain optimal seclusion from other guests with only 4 villas spaced beautifully throughout the grounds. Cushioned by architectured landscape, bordered with private garden space, unobstructed with ample, open sight lines and elevated by naturally terraced land, your own slice of paradise is assured to look and feel exclusively yours.

Waterfront Infinity Pool

Lumière’s signature space is its 50’ infinity pool which dramatically hangs over the sea from its volcanic rock perch. The property was designed from the water’s edge up, taking full advantage of the rare location and relationship to the Caribbean Sea. Watching the sunsets, the passing boats, your family down at the beach orsnorkelling the calm reefs directly in front of you all from your pool, creates a magical perspective that is ever changing, yet delivers that simple serenity that our souls need to rejuvenate.

Other surrounding designs include volcanic rock cabanas, sunset alcoves, a gradual pool entry, lap capabilities, yoga/exercise areas and a beautiful waterfront boutique restaurant & bar catering to your personal wants.

Pool-1 Pool-2

Other surrounding designs include volcanic rock cabanas, sunset alcoves, a gradual pool entry, lap capabilities, yoga/exercise areas and a beautiful waterfront boutique restaurant & bar catering to your personal wants.

Healthy Living

To live in health is to breathe, eat and enjoy life! Lumière keeps this reminder as part of it’s design, by providing the spaces and tools needed in your quest to live life to it’s fullest.

Breathing in Motion
healthy-1 The infinity lip pool has a 50ft lap lane quietly designed within its natural form. Pool side you will find designated areas for daily exercise like yoga and cardiovascular workouts. Equipment is provided and strategically stored in discrete, clutter free areas.
The Vigie Peninsula is a natural running track with its challenging circular road and vistas. Vigie Beach is just a stroll down the road for that extended run or walk, laps in the sea or workout on the sand.

healthy-5 For sustenance, the boutique restaurant will provide lunches and dinners, focusing on scrumptious local, healthy food and drink. Lumière's gardens will supply you with all the fresh fruits & vegetables needed during your stay. This includes a daily supply of freshly foraged coconut water.

healthy-2 What appeals to your sense of enjoyment? At Lumière, discover private little sunset nooks, purposely placed hammocks in the gardens or along the private beach, the infinity pool’s lip perched over the sea, or the picking of fresh mangoes from your tree. Enjoyment is one of the keys to help you live a long and healthy life and we have designed Lumiére with that always in mind.

Designed Gardens

Supreme tranquility is the transfer of plant based energy into our own permeable landscape. Connection to the growth, aesthetic beauty and sustenance of a thriving, lush and tropical garden space is one of the key philosophical touchstones at Lumière. Ours is some of the most fertile soil upon island. Here you will marvel at the richness and abundance of tropical fruits and flowers, meticulously arranged with architectural expertise. Beds of vibrant blooms will send their fragrances to dance upon the breeze. Visually, you will be stunned at the arrangement of elephant ears, king palms and ginger lillies as you meander along hidden garden paths.

Stop at the various contemplation zones to reset your spiritual compass. Pick your fresh herbs from moveable potting carts at ever shifting locations on site. Allow yourself to oxygenate and disappear into the groomed yet natural wilderness here at Lumière. The property gardens have been expertly planned by our commissioned Australian landscape architect and implemented by local horticulturalists. Together their superior knowledge of tropical based plant design and cultivation will result in a property with grounds of the exacting standard you can expect to find at Lumière.

Centrally Located

lumiere map

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Being centrally located, quiet and private are the Vigie Peninsula’s pivotal attributes. Lumière's close proximity to the plethora of St. Lucian amenities and attractions is a most celebrated feature; one that is rare to find elsewhere on island.

Take only a few steps from your villa to enjoy Lumière's sandy beach. Alternatively, embark upon an easy 5 minute stroll to Vigie Beach, or perhaps take the courtesy shuttle offered through our concierge. Also within walking distance from your villa are the Peninsula’s revered heritage sites including the British Barracks and Meadow’s Battery, as well as Vigie's Lighthouse and several homes of national dignitaries.

If sightseeing to southern Soufrière and the Pitons appeal, travelling by boat from Lumière’s private jetty is a fast and fun way to arrive. Should the attractions of Rodney Bay interest you, it's merely a 12 minute car ride or a quick hop from your jetty to the many restaurants at The Marina.

Geographically nestled between southern Soufrière and Rodney Bay to the north, is Castries; the island’s treasured capital. Within 5 minutes of Lumière, Castries offers international banks, medical offices, grocery stores, shops and hospitals, but there you will also discover the colourful farmer’s market, restaurants, various landmarks, cathedrals and authentic Caribbean architecture. Castries' protected bays permit private boat moorings for easy marine access. You will also find a small airport, for neighbouring island bound aircraft. Fancy heading over to Martinique, Barbados or the Grenadines…for lunch?

St. Lucia's Hewanorra International Airport is aprox 1 1/4 hour drive from the south, but a more convenient option is to take the exciting 10 min helicopter transfer directly to the Vigie Peninsula’s helipad. Our concierge will be happy to greet you.

Convenience is a vacation property requisite, but only if it does not compromise privacy and relaxation. Thanks to the unique location of our property and the natural protection crafted by Vigie's peninsula design, we are proud that Lumière is seamlessly able to offer it all.

Boutique Living

From information you’ve likely garnered, boutique living is a highly sought after development model, due to the many benefits of a more personalized lifestyle. A beautiful outcome of boutique living is that enjoyment of the same amenities inherent to a mass developed property, does not have to be compromised. Boutique resale and rental markets are both more desirable, largely because focused attention and care of the property, environmental sustainability and exclusivity are all more easily attained. With Lumière’s exclusive design, you can expect to be closely and proudly connected to the overall space.



The world's natural beauty often astounds in its simplicity. Lumière has the distinction of facing south-west, nestled upon absolute water’s edge. This bestows upon villa owners and guests a special opportunity at every day's end to witness the sun as it descends into the sea's horizon.

There are several ways to appreciate this beautiful phenomenon, none from which you will likely tire. Perhaps you would like to drape yourself against the lip of Lumière's infinity pool, to experience your sunset. Or stare without a care from the unobstructed view on your villa's veranda. Possibly still preferable, would be gazing from strategically placed viewing points within the gardens.

We’ve supplied the location so however you may choose to see your sunset, it’s now up to you to catch the green flash!


24 Hour Security

Through Lumière’s management program, a private security company supplies on-site personnel 24/7. The property’s practical elements are non-invasive. Discreet perimeter cameras, fencing, road entry gates, beach access gates and intercoms are all monitored via the security desk located in the welcome pavilion.

The Vigie Peninsula itself has always been known as a safe and private neighbourhood. This is owed to Vigie’s single road access, citizen communication and the community’s private security personnel who patrol the area consistently, day and night.

Additionally, building relationships and actively participating in local community are important aspects in cultivating a sense of security. As such, we have established ‘The Lumière Foundation’. The foundation’s aim is to guide the children of St. Lucia towards healthy patterns of growth and development in both mind and body; ultimately learning respect for themselves, others and their island home, being that they are all treasured gifts.

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