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St Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a shape that is said to resemble a mango or an avocado; quite appropriate due to its fertile soils. The Atlantic Ocean meets the eastern shore, highlighting great surf and windswept landscapes, while the beaches of the west coast owe their beauty to the calm Caribbean Sea and dramatic volcanic vistas. With such topography as the majestic Pitons, also comes the rarity of true beach access from your villa, which Lumière is grateful to have.


Located between Martinique and St. Vincent, St. Lucia was first visited by Europeans around 1550. Ultimately, it came under Britain’s control in 1814. In 1979, St. Lucia became an independent nation, but retains close ties to its ancestry as a member of the British Commonwealth. St. Lucia is divided into 11 quarters and is renowned as one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. It offers a wide contrast of landscapes, ranging from one of the few remaining tropical rainforests of the region, to beautiful white and volcanic sand beaches.

Vigie Peninsula

An historically treasured piece of St. Lucia, nestled alongside one of the island’s most beautiful white sand beaches, the Vigie Peninsula is a sought after, exclusive enclave. Vigie hosts a collection of private villas that benefit from its reputable, secure location, historical landmarks and inspiring views. Being centrally located, quiet and private are Vigie’s pivotal attributes. vigie-pen If sightseeing to the south is in your plan, travelling by boat from Lumiere’s private jetty is a fast and elegant way to arrive. Or, should Rodney Bay’s tourist attractions call to you, then it's only 12 minutes by car or a quick hop by water. By staying ‘local’, you can easily stroll over to the golden sands of Vigie Beach, discover the protected heritage sites like the old British Barracks or the vast views from the lighthouse lookout.

The peninsula’s one circular road is optimal for a healthy jog and naturally restricts local movement within the neighbourhood. Moreover, it is an easy patrol for the established private security firm who conduct their regular ‘Vigie Watch’ program within the Vigie community.

Undoubtedly, the sun and sea is why you are in St. Lucia and luckily, Lumière’s private sandy beach is absolute walk-on from your villa. ‘Lumière Beach’ rests securely in a protected cove, home to both coral reefs and deep water moorings, faces sunset west and gently kisses the Caribbean Sea. You would be challenged to find another spot on island that is as much a paragon of picturesque perfection...with all the offerings of Lumière and its surrounds.

Vigie Beach

Due to its warm clear waters and quiet, peaceful surroundings, Vigie Beach is consistently voted one of St. Lucia’s top beaches. It continues to be a treasured secret among locals and is well shaded by almond, coconut and grape seed trees. Vigie Beach is a perfect spot for sun tanning, swimming, boogie boarding or setting up a relaxing picnic. Stop at one of the authentic beach shack vendors for a cool beverage and delicious snack; or leave your footprints in the sand as you stroll along the water’s edge. Only 5 minutes from your door, Vigie Beach feels like an endless stretch of white sand beach that you can call your very own.



Among the main centres of St. Lucia, including Soufrière and Rodney Bay, Castries is the island’ s treasured capital and for good reason. It supplies all the necessary amenities including international banks, medical offices, private hospitals, and embassies, and also offers the colourful weekly farmer’ s market, fish markets, waterfront restaurants, historical landmarks, public squares, cathedrals and authentic Caribbean architecture. Castries’ infrastructure boasts protected bays for yacht moorings, main roadways for easy island trips, a ‘ small plane only’ airport for exciting visits to Martinique or the Grenadines and a helicopter pad for quick transfers from the international airport, all within 5 minutes from Lumière. St. Lucia’ s motto of “The Land, The People, The Light”perfectly embodies the island’ s charm and Lumière is proud to continue shining the light on this simply beautiful destination.

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