The Light

The Lumière Foundation

During the short period of time we get to live on this planet, we all must do what we can to make it a better place for our fellow brothers and sisters. Having the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious property like Lumière is a gift, but the best gift of all is in the giving back. The Lumière Foundation was imagined in order give back to the St. Lucian community by focusing on the sustainability of the island’s future, her beautiful children.

Lumière's location is blessed with such fertile soils and perfect sunlight, that the gardens will continue to thrive and produce more fruits and vegetables than the residents will be able to enjoy, therefore Lumière will use its simple strengths and sell its excess harvests at the local farmer’s markets. This program will also organize the collection of other properties unused harvests, with all the proceeds going to support local children’s charities. The Lumiere Foundation will also hold annual charitable events with special guest speakers and entertainers to help raise funds and ultimately inspire others to also give back.

By supporting the community which has cultivated a safe and beautiful island for Lumière residents to enjoy, The Foundation will hopefully set the bar for other respected businesses to continue helping St. Lucia grow into the future by giving her children the chance to see their dreams come true.

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