The Land


Master Design


Lumière's master design has carefully planned for accessible and walkable ground space. The terrain slopes naturally downward toward the sea. This unique design feature means that meandering pathways assist a more gentle way of maneuvering about the property, avoiding the inclusion of arduous stair climbs. Landscaping pays careful attention to maintaining the natural beauty of the property while complimenting the architectural language of the villa structures. Our Australian landscape architect crafts a stylish and winning design concept, nature supplies the rest.

Private Villa Gardens


Each villa offers a private garden space for cultivation of your very own. Choose to exercise a personal green thumb or entrust the design and planting to our expert landscape staff. Owing to the indoor outdoor living area, this garden area is visible from most areas of your home. Appreciate with wonder as your plant life takes root.



At Lumière, the fertile land soils naturally lend themselves to an abundance of blossoming vegetation. Many of the plant species that have been preserved and built around are seasonally harvested by our grounds staff for their fruits. Expect to access avocados, cocoa pods, bananas, passionfruits, mangos, pineapples, grapefruits, breadfruits, lemons, limes and a plethora of herbs and vegetables; all for your delicious enjoyment. Consumption of local produce is environmentally responsible, convenient and offers the most robust sense of taste.

concierge concierge concierge

Grounds Concierge

Here are some examples of what our grounds concierge could provide for you:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily from the gardens to your doorstep.
  • 'Catch of the day’ from passing fisherman to our dock, delivered to your personal kitchen or prepared at the restaurant.
  • Garden strolls, introducing you to the variety of flora or help with your private garden plot.
  • Assistance with general physical needs like baggage, groceries, etc.
  • Drop off/pick up from Vigie Beach via Lumière’s UTV.


Lumière’s signature space is it’s 50’ infinity pool which dramatically hangs over the sea from it’s volcanic rock perch. The property was designed from the water’s edge up, taking full advantage of the rare location and relationship to the Caribbean Sea. Watching the sunsets, the passing boats, your family down at the beach or snorkelling the calm reefs directly in front of you all from your pool, creates a magical perspective that is ever changing, yet delivers that simple serenity that our souls need to rejuvenate.

The land pool

Other surrounding pool designs include volcanic rock cabanas, sunset alcoves, a gradual pool entry, lap capabilities, yoga/exercise platforms and a beautiful waterfront boutique restaurant & bar catering to your personal wants.

Due to the naturally terraced land and design forethought, the pool itself has a lovely private feel, but there isn’t anything we can do about the dolphins watching you from the sea in front!

The land pool The land pool


Private Beach

The land pool

Lumière is proud to offer one of St. Lucia’s most sought after yet rarely found features, your own private beach. Attached directly to the property’s waterfront, this beach is reserved for your exclusive use. Snorkel, scuba, swim, sunbathe or read a book in your cabana only steps from your door. These are just a few ideas of what Lumière’s private beach has to offer.

The beach
The beach

Private Jetty

The land pool

Boat access is one of the many unique considerations planned for at Lumière and with it comes an abundance of benefits. For example, make it your jumping off point for scuba adventures, fishing trips and coastal cruising to the Pitons. Dive off it for snorkelling in the cove, choosing your local ‘catch of the day’ from passing fisherman or just sit, relax and enjoy the setting sun. These are all just a few of the many advantages of Lumière’s private jetty that we hope you will enjoy!

Protected Cove

Calm, gentle and easy breezy. Words to describe Lumière’s waterfront position due to the protection of your very own cove. It makes for easy exploration of nearby reefs, safe swimming from our beach or safe moorings for your water craft. Also Lumière’s location on the leeward side of the island naturally lends itself to the more tranquil water’s of the Caribbean Sea.

The land pool

Water Activities

Kayak, paddle board, snorkel or Hobie cat your way around the cove or Vigie Peninsula from Lumière’s beach. All of these water activities can all be easily accessed from our seaside storage and are only just a couple of options you could select to be on site.

The land pool The paddle The lounge

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